Planning Council

Tasks to be accomplished by the Planning Council

  1. Review the college’s Statement of Philosophy and Purpose and recommend reaffirmation or review/revision.
  2. Review status for the current year’s Institutional Action Priorities.
  3.  Discuss issues and concerns for the coming year.
  4.  Recommend bi-annual Institutional Action Priorities.

Members of this council are:

Amanda Kin Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Chair
Danielle Coburn Dean of Instruction
Keith Brown President, Ex-officio
Norma Bell Dean of Career and Technical Education
Mike Hobbs Dean of Enrollment Services
Stephen Moore Chief Information Officer
Linda Hooton Director of Student Services
David Morris Director of Financial Services
Shain Wilson Director of Human Resources
 Nareiko Stephens Data Analyst
Barbara Goss Director of Learning Resources
Kay Potter Director of Center for Community and Corporate Education
Liesl Ward Harris Associate Dean, Transfer General Studies (Shelby-Hoover)
Ali Yazdi Associate Dean, Transfer General Studies (Jefferson)
Alan Davis Associate Dean, Distance Education
Lucy Lewis Faculty Senate President (elected)
Mildred Lanier Faculty Representative (elected)
Jyzk Ennis Faculty Representative (elected)
Alexis Stanton Staff Representative (elected)
Student Government Association President (elected)
**Lisa Kimble Recorder